Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bre's (very, very, very late) b-day card

My daughter, Kristen, has a best friend named Bre. They have spent so much time together, that Bre has become like one of my own kids. She is a huge Elvis really, absolutely loves Elvis. Anyway, last year for her birthday in September, I was supposed to make her an personalized Elvis card. I totally dropped the ball, and didn't get it done before her day. She has harassed, hounded, and haunted me every since that day with "Where is my birthday card?". Now, as Sept approaches again, Bre had begun to remind me again that now I have to make her 2 Elvis cards. I was on vacation last week and finally got her (last year's) card complete. I am almost done with this year's card too...haha. Hope you like it Bre.  =]

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pet Sympathy card

It is amazing how many cards I can make for the loss of a pet.  They really are like family....or at least mine feel that way.  I just can't even imagine how devistated I would be to not have my little "Roo" in my She-Cave with me.  =[.  Here is one to help show some love and support to someone who has just lost their possible "Best Friend".

Down in the Dumps?

Sometimes it is hard to come up with masculine cards.  I figure this will work for a man or a boy who just isn't feeling too good.

Baby Girl Congrats card

I thought this might make a cute congrats for someone having a little girl...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kristen's 22nd bday card

Today we have been invited to go to my daughter, Kristen's future in-laws house for Kristen's birthday dinner. I made her this birthday card....but shhhh! Don't tell her....she hasn't seen it  Hope she likes it....

Cupcake and Cake toppers for Baby Shower

I have also made the cupcake (50) and cake (1) toppers.  I put the pic of the baby in the crib with Pinnochio blanket "It's a Boy!" on the back of all the cupcake toppers.  Pinnochio is the theme that Robert and Biridiana has chosen for the nursery.  I love it. Robert has been really creative in designing and creating some one of a kind items for the room. I am so excited to see pics when it is all set up.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Robert and Biridiana's Baby Shower Invitations

I feel privledged to be asked by one of my co-workers and his wife to make the invitations and decorations for their upcoming baby shower.  They sent me some pics of what they were looking for and this is what came back with. (the first few are the sample, with made up information, I gave them for approval). The bottle slides into the card like a sleeve. The last one is the whole collection of 50 invitations all ready to be put in envelopes and mailed out.  Wow! Lots of work, but so worth it. I like how they came out and I hope they do too.  Thanks again Robert and Biridiana. Best of Everything with your little man soon to be here. You are gonna be great parents!!